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Are you interested in joining our team of volunteer mediators? If so, Please call or email us for an application form and to learn more about the training and development process.

Bromley Community Mediation Service | BCMS | Bexley, Greenwich, London

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BCMS (Bromley Community Mediation Service)
The Stables
1, North Street
Bromley, BR1 1SD
United Kingdom

Call: 020 8249 7954
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Registered Charity No 1061345 

An introduction to Mediation

BCMS mediators work before, during and even after the sessions to help the parties achieve settlement.

The Mediator will do the following:

  • Contact all the parties involved in the dispute for a free 15 minute consultation usually by way of telephone or email, to allow the Mediator to grasp the essence of the dispute.
  • Provide and explain the Agreement to Mediate forms and answer questions about mediation or advocacy services and provide guidance on the exchange of information necessary for the Parties to submit prior to the joint sessions.
  • Encourage and direct the parties in their respective pre-mediation meeting preparation.
  • Set a timetable for the time leading up to the face-to-face mediation session to include:
         Submission of pre-existing materials to allow the Mediator to understand the issues involved in the dispute.
         Exchange of additional documents and written information by the parties in advance of the Mediation.
  • Draft an agenda for the mediation meeting:
  • Confirmation that critical decision-makers will attend the mediation.
  • Conducting mediation sessions according to an agreed agenda.
  • A series of open sessions (all parties present) and private meetings (with individual parties) are convened to facilitate the discussion of substantive issues.
  • Focus on each party's objectives.
  • Discuss barriers to settlement.
  • The Mediators handle the offer and counter-offer process.
  • Preparation of the Draft or Final Agreements of the terms agreed to by the Parties which following independent legal advice can, when necessary, be submitted to a court of law for final approval.

Advantages of Mediation.

  • Mediation session(s) can be scheduled quickly. The length of a session can take as little or as much time as the parties need.
  • Mediation sessions are scheduled at the parties' convenience.
  • It may cost significantly less than litigation (depending on the complexity of the case) or the costs of delaying resolution of the problem.
  • The improvement of communication and understanding between the parties may strengthen the personal/business relationship or at least reduce the level of resentment between the parties.
  • All documents prepared for and any disclosures of information made during mediation are confidential and cannot be made public in any forum without the consent of both parties.
  • The termination of a relationship can be achieved more calmly and people can get on with their lives more quickly.
  • The mediator may suggest, but will never impose a solution. Both parties decide the terms of any agreement which meet the Parties' unique needs and are therefore more likely to last.

For further information contact our coordinator - 020 8249 7954 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it