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Are you interested in joining our team of volunteer mediators? If so, Please call or email us for an application form and to learn more about the training and development process.

About BCMS

BCMS is a registered charity providing mediation services for the resolution of neighbour disputes, family differences and community conflict.  We also provide facilitation services for groups of people that need help in dealing with issues involving alienation or conflict within their local community or family circle. 


BCMS has been working in the London Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich, for over 15-years. Our mediators work in pairs so that experienced Lead Mediators assist our Co-Mediators to develop and extend their practical mediation experience.

Neighbour and community conflict can be extremely debilitating for those affected. Un-resolved conflict can lead to risk of ill-health, physical harm, and possibly to intervention by the legal and criminal justice system. The cost of unresolved neighbour, family and community disputes can be very high in both human and financial terms.

Each year we help many people to bring an end to debilitating disagreements concerning issues that include:

·  anti-social behaviour, including harassment or intimidation

·  lifestyle differences

·  noise issues

·  problems relating to children and pets

·  communal areas in buildings and gardens, and other shared spaces

·  boundaries, rights of way, parking, etc

·  rubbish, vandalism, damage to property etc

·  inter-generational conflict in communities and within families

Our mediation service is independent, confidential and neutral. We assist people who are involved in disputes to identify and explore the underlying issues from different perspectives and to identify an effective solution. We then help the parties to prepare a written Agreement that draws a line under the past and provides a new and mutually acceptable code of conduct for the future. In some cases, where there has been long-standing and entrenched disagreement, we provide an monitoring service over a defined period in order to verify that the Agreement works and that no un-ravelling occurs.

Our services are normally provided free of charge. Many of the referrals that we deal with are made by local authority agencies and registered social landlords who provide targeted funding. However, we also assist individuals, families, community groups and businesses that contact us directly to seek our help in order to resolve an existing dispute or to avoid potential conflict quickly and cost effectively through mediation. We are funded by grants and charitable donations from various sources, and we operate with minimal overheads.

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